We have been manufacturing Troll King at Canyon Lake Products right here in the USA since 2014.  Troll King is proudly hand-crafted with high-quality construction materials including:

    • Top-Grade Aluminum
      • Heavy-Duty Cole Hersee Switches, and
        • 10 AWG Duplex Marine-Grade Wire

          You know that there’s nothing worse than when you're on a small lake or a big farm pond, and you get that second tap on the line, set the hook on a nice sized bass, and the wind starts moving your boat. You reach over with one hand to grab the handle of your trolling motor so it won’t drift away, leaving only one hand on your rod and reel, and that big girl is gone.

          Well if you had a Troll King you could have kept fighting that big black bass with both hands and you could have shown some pictures instead of telling everyone about the big one that got away.

          We built Troll King so you could “Keep both hands on the Reel”.

          Boat with Troll King installed.